Genie Gateway

CBD Retail - E-commerce Business Owners!  

Are you tired of all the uncertainty of accepting credit cards in your business? This is a short version of what is occurring:  

• If you are a startup, processing less than $500K per month, acquiring banks will NOT accept your business.  

• There are additional rules & regulations that make it prohibited for your business to accept credit cards.  

• Another factor you must contend with is the Rules & Regulations of the FDA, FTC, DEA.  


The Good News is - You may apply and be approved for a Closed Loop Payment Solution.  

With Genie Gateway you will provide a Private-Secure Electronic CASH Transactions for your clients.  

Genie Gateway Includes:  

• CBD/Cannabis Payment Solutions  

• Genie Virtual Card - Load Accounts Up To $250,000  

• Instant Electronic Cash Credits  

• Virtual Checking Services Included  

• No Equipment to Purchase or Lease  

• Transactions Processed via the Customers Cell Phone 


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