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StreamLine Your Payment Processing!

Credit Card Processing, Check Payments, Electronic Invoices, Recurring Payments, Mobile Payments, Subscription Payments, Level III Processing, Built So Your Business Receives Payments Quicker.

ePay Virtual Terminal Web Based Gateway connects your business to more of your customers with a single log-in than any other payment platform available. It connects your business, shopping cart and website to all US-based credit card processors, banks, ACH, Direct Debit and eCheck processing platforms.

ePay Virtual Terminal brings together all payment possibilities and puts them into one easy to use single sign-on platform. One log-in with all the options adds real value and efficiency to your business by enabling you to manage their retail counter, online bill payment, shopping cart, and recurring payments together in one place from anywhere you want to work.

While simple gateways offer little in functionality and charge ‘ala carte’ for each function they offer, the ePay Virtual Terminal platform offers its complete functionality at one great monthly fee.


Receive a $5,000 to $250,000 Cash Advance against your future credit card sales!!

Use the money to stock up on inventory, advertise and market your business, or anything else you can think of!

 A business cash advance enables you to generate the working capital you need to improve your business without having to negotiate with a bank or worry about long-term credit card interest. Instead, your company may qualify for a Cash Advance up to $250,000.00 by leveraging an asset you probably have not considered - your future credit card receivables! A Business Cash Advance is an excellent and often overlooked source of SHORT-TERM FINANCING that you can take advantage of today!







Basic Requirements For a Cash Advance:

Have at least a 3 Month History of Processing Credit Cards At Your Business!

Process an average of $5,000.00 a month in credit cards.

Have at least 3 months business bank statements

Genie Check 22 Is The Solution For The Following High-Risk Industries!!

1.Business Investment Opportunities

2.Bankruptcy Lawyers

3.Cannabis / CBD / Kratom

4.Collection Agencies

5.Credit Repair

6.Dating Services, Escort Services

7.Debt Reduction

8.Door to Door Sales

9.Electronic Cigarettes

10.Employment Services

11.Extended Warranty

12.Firearm Sales - Registered Dealers (Retail & Online)

13.High Ticket Seminars - Online Schools & Training

14.Import/Export Brokers

15.Inbound Telemarketing

16.Insurance Brokers

17.Long Distance / VOIP Service Brokers

18.Magazine Subscriptions

19.Male Enhancements

20.Medical Cannabis

21.Merchants In Bankruptcy

22.Numismatic Coin / Bank Note Sales

23.Nutra Straight Sale (Diet, Muscle, Cleanse, Skin)

24.Online Pharmacy

25.Online Tobacco 

26.Pay Day Loans

27.Student Loan Consolidation

28.Shipping / Forwarding Brokers

29.Tech Support

30.Timeshare Advertising / Sales

31.TMF / Matched Merchants

32.Travel Packages


34.Web Developers / SEO / Graphic Designers / Web Hosting